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A priest whose descendants served in the high-priesthood for most of the First and Second Temple periods (tenth century BCE to first century CE). Zadok and Abiathar were priests under David (2Sam 20:25) and supported him during Absalom’s revolt (2Sam 15:24-29; 2Sam 15:35; 2Sam 17:15; 2Sam 19:12). In the succession struggle after David’s death, Zadok supported Solomon (1Kgs 1:8; 1Kgs 1:32), while Abiathar supported Adonijah (1Kgs 1:7). Zadok anointed Solomon (1Kgs 1:39-45) and became his sole priest. The descendants of Zadok are listed in (1Chr 6:8-15; cf. 1Chr 9:11; Ezra 7:1-5; Neh 11:11). This family controlled the Jerusalem priesthood from the time of Solomon (ca. 965 BCE) until the exile (586 BCE). (Ezek 40:46; Ezek 43:19; Ezek 44:15; and Ezek 48:11) specify that in the rebuilt Temple only Zadokite priests would minister. The line continued to serve in the high-priesthood until 171 BCE, when it passed first to the Hellenizers and then to the Hasmonean house.